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1. Moin Melon
2. Warm Currency Winter Advertisement
3. Moor Mother Meditation Rag (feat. Aquiles Navarro & Alya Al Sultani)
4. aya what if i should fall asleep and slipp under
5. Yves Tumor Gospel For a New Century
6. Circuit des Yeux Dogma
7. Elaine Howley Archeological Longing
8. HTRK Gilbert and George (Dec 30 Rehearsal)
9. Coby Sey Permeated Secrets
10. Soundwalk Collective & Patti Smith Bad Blood (Lotic Remix)
11. John Cale Noise of You
12. The Smile Skrting on the Surface
13. Satomimagae Inu
14. Mary Halvorson Moonburn