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1. function level marker interior (alex ketzer´s future trends)
2. toby goodshank baby i feel like i just got cut in half
3. caribou never come back (four tet remix) (radio edit)
4. el khat saadi jefferson
5. el michels affair enfant feat. the shacks
6. happyness bothsidesing
7. moses sumney bless me
8. la priest beginning (edit)
9. moulay ahmed el hassani mcha omri
10. peach tree rascals mariposa
11. perfume genius nothing at all
12. sharada shashidhar messages
13. sharhabeel ahmed argos farfish
14. sleaford mods rich list
15. thao & the get down stay down rational animal
16. the magnetic fields let´s get drunk again (and divorced)
17. the techniques travelling man