# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. the buttertones at the dojo
2. ezra furman calm down aka i should not be alone
3. prince daddy & the hyena the prototype of the ultimate lifeform
4. ralph pelleymounter your pet scan
5. martin frawley lo and behold
6. friedberg go wild
7. gender roles you look like death
8. caamp penny heads up
9. mattiel blisters
10. martha love keeps kicking
11. the wave pictures goodbye spiderman
12. telekinesis a place in the sun
13. joe gideon with jim sclavonus expandable mandible
14. my ugly clementine never be yours
15. deniz jaspersen augenrollen
16. pink spider future plans
17. die cigaretten typen mit girls
18. strand of oaks moon landing