# InterpretIn Titel Label URL
1. buddy & the huddle the girl at jo's
2. lach drinking beers with mom
3. copenhagen slim (robert johnson was here) up jumped the devil
4. odd couple katta
5. doc schoko am strand
6. calexico dead in the water
7. toby goodshank dream on me
8. copenhagen slim (robert johnson was here) come on in my kitchen
9. eels the deconstruction
10. the orielles 48 percent
11. the orielles i only bought it for the bottle
12. black rebel motorcycle club spook
13. toby goodshank so cold
14. johnny campbell the dalesman's litany
15. get dead bartender
16. copenhagen slim (robert johnson was here) walking blues
17. car seat headrest nervous young inhumans
18. the orielles let your dog tooth grow